Selmer Bundy Clarinet Barrel and Serial Number?

Selmer Bundy Clarinet Barrel and Serial Number?

Creation of the Selmer Paris company: Henri Selmer begins manufacturing reeds and mouthpieces. From , with the help, Henri Selmer starts manufacturing clarinets and settles his workshop at 4, place Dancourt, Paris. The same year his younger brother, Alexandre b. Henri wins his first Bronze Medal in the Paris Exhibition. During this period Alexandre Selmer, Henri’s brother, has been first clarinetist in the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra for two years. From , he plays the clarinets his brother is manufacturing in France. This will strongly contribute to the development of their sales in the US.

Buffet Clarinet

A very fine condition Buffet E11 C clarinet, in Grenadilla wood. The pads are mainly white leather, in very good condition, with some cork pads on the upper joint. The wood has no cracks or repairs, but there is one chip to the outer edge of the lower tenon of the upper joint, see photo This chip has no affect on the response, and is completely hidden when the instrument is assembled.

The E11 C is Buffet’s semi-professional model, and this example has matching serial nos. The Silver plated key work is in excellent condition, with only light scratches.

Here’s a MINT Buffet R Festival clarinet. this clarinet was just overhauled and it comes in a black buffet hard case with accessories. i also have other clarinets to select from and try out or i can play.

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Top VIdeos

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Buffet Clarinets. Note: A preceeding F in the serial number indicates a clarinet made for the European market (A=, A=).

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Song of Myself

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Wooden Clarinet About Buffet Clarinet Since , Buffet has been producing its high quality clarinets in Europe for musicians all around the globe and remains the largest specialist clarinet manufacturer in the world. So dedicated are the company to artistic excellence and the profession of instrument making itself that all of the companies employees, from managers to sales representatives, are musicians themselves.

This means they are more able to truly understand the importance of each painstaking stage of hand craftsmanship, by several different workmen, that goes into making one of their clarinets and the importance of the quality of the end product. Until the s Buffet was producing only professional level clarinets but they then began making models for players at beginner and intermediate levels. By using the same meticulous manufacturing processes to maintain the same quality of products, Buffet clarinets are now recommended to students by teachers because of the long life of the instrument, how easy it is to play and maintain and how easily serviceable it is should it need it.

The fact that these instruments tend to have long lives also means that the Buffet clarinet lends itself well to being a reliable second hand item if it has been looked after well. Student models are usually made from ABS resin, whereas intermediate and professional models are often made from granadilla wood. The tone given by this use of wood means that the intermediate and professional models are suitable not just for soloists but musician playing symphony or chamber music and playing in small or big bands.

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YANIGASAWA SAXOPHONES: During the ′s, the 3rd and 4th digit of the serial number indicate the year of manufacture. – – –

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An Index to Besson Instruments

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Buffet clarinets became widely recognized for their award-winning quality as early as the Universal Exhibition in Paris. Buffet clarinets first came to the United States in and have been sold there since. Because Buffet clarinets have such a long history, determining the model can be exciting, especially if you discover that yours is one of the original–and valuable–models.

Examine the side of the upper body of the clarinet to find the long, thin key just above the only hole located on the back of the instrument. This is the register key. Beside the top of the register key should be a marking that Buffet uses to identify the model of the clarinet. All Buffet clarinets come stamped with the basic, round logo, so any other distinguishing marks can be used for identification.

If there is a letter followed by a number, such as B12″ or “E11,” stamped below the emblem, this is the model of your clarinet. Check below the emblem for a small, metal plaque or a marking that appears to have held such a plaque at one time. Buffet uses these plaques to identify modern, professional-grade clarinets. Determining the model without the original stamp or plaque involves such technical differences that you will need to enlist the help of an expert.

A History: ’s Word of the Year

Clarinets from the LeBlanc workshops have greatly improved in recent years. LeBlanc B flat clarinets are available to order. Please call for prices.


The History of Penzel Mueller As best we can tell Penzel was one of the precursor companies to Penzel-Mueller. Penzel company was founded in and ceased operations in when Gustav Penzel entered into a partnership with Edward Mueller to form the Penzel-Mueller company known as “G. There are many versions of how and when the company was started and merged, however.

To further murk the waters, “The Penzel Mueller Company was founded in New York originally in ” [the first discrepancy – vs They formed their partnership in according to the Langwill Index ] by Penzel and Mueller, two German immigrants. The firm was in existence through the ‘s and for a period of time became one of the leading manufacturers of woodwind instruments.

The Légende Clarinet

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